Conference Room Rentals in Las Vegas, NV

Room TypeCost
Executive Conference Room Suite B200 (seats up to 10 people)$20.00 per hour (Non Tenants)Executive Suite Tenants are entitled to 10 hours of free use per month.
Small Conference Room Suite B200 (seats up to 6 people)$15.00 per hour (Non Tenants)No charge to Tenants.
Media Room Suite B100 (seats up to 30 people)$35.00 per hour (Non Tenants)$25.00 per hour (MES Tenants)

The Media Room requires a one-day special use “Certificate of Insurance” with $1,000,000 liability coverage.
Please list the following as additional insured for this room.

Marbeya Business Park (Property)
Birtcher Anderson Properties, Inc. (Management Company)
Pacific Peninsula, LLC (Owner)

Please make all checks payable to Pacific Peninsula, LLC. You can reserve any of the rooms by contacting us.

Rooms are reserved for up to three months in advance; when you place your call please specify which room you would like. You can pick up the Media room key at Marbeya Business Park, Suite B200 prior to your meeting. We would appreciate if you could return the key promptly after use.
If the key has not been returned within 24 hours after the meeting, a $20.00 per day late charge fee will be applied to your total.